Economizers have been applied on rooftop units in cooler climates for many years but current energy codes now require their use in nearly every USA climate zone. Many technicians may not have a clear understanding of how economizers operate, are installed, commissioned or how to troubleshoot them.  Energy codes now require accurately setting minimum ventilation air and use of advanced control systems. This online program uses a series of training videos that take the technician step by step from the basic operation of the economizer to how to troubleshoot typical problems and control operation. Knowledge checks provided with each section help the participant assure they understand the critical points in each section. At the completion of this course a technician will be better able to adjust and troubleshoot economizer systems used in most packaged rooftop systems. To receive NATE or FAD credit you must pass each of the online knowledge checks.

The NATE Core Review course is designed to help you prepare for the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Core exam. The course focuses on the commonly missed topics of the exam, rather than on concepts that you regularly use.

The course provides you with a number of practice quizzes, which you can use to test your knowledge of the course material. You can take these practice quizzes as many times as you like.

The course also contains an Exit Quiz, which you can take ONLY ONE TIME. We suggest that you not attempt to take the Exit Quiz until after you have mastered the material in the Core Review course. The Exit Quiz is made up of 50 questions. You must get at least 35 questions correct (70%) to receive a passing grade for the NATE Core Review course.